The Sarrukh


The Sarrukh are one of the three races of creatures to have evolved intelligence on Faerun. Through their actions, other races were either created through magic or brought over by portals.

The Sarrukh were the first of the three races to evolve higher intelligence. Their early nature based religions helped form the first gods. At one time, the Sarrukh dominated all of Faerun. Their mighty empires — the first in the world — encompassed the jungles along the shore of Azulduth, the eastern shore of the Narrow Sea, and the Chultan Peninsula. The Sarrukh enslaved or sacrificed other creatures in the name of their god, the World Serpent.

Eventually, problems of their own making caused the Sarrukh empires to crumble. In the vacuum created by the fall of the Sarrukh, their created or imported races rose to prominence, establishing power centers of their own — many of which are still active today. Amazingly, the Sarrokh have managed to remain relevant even in modern-day Faerun. An ancient and immense rift between the surviving Sarrukh clans have left them in an open war and unable to regain their once might power. Despite their small numbers, they can still command the loyalty of the races they once created.

Magical Development

As the Sarrukh spread out, they discovered that the land held magical lore. After studying this primitive form of magic, the Sarrukh consolidated their discoveries into a series of tomes. After the empires collapsed, a secret organization, called the Ba’etith, consolidated that knowledge to a single tome called the Golden Skins of the World Serpent, otherwise known as the Nether Scrolls.

Need for Slaves

As their empires grew richer, the Sarrokh looked to other creatures to perform manual labor and fight their battles. While exploring Faerun, the Sarrokh encountered numerous scaly animals in the wilds. Some of these animals were developing along similar lines, but had not evolved to the point of sentience yet. When breeding did not work quickly enough, the Sarrokh used magic.

Their first success was the Asabis, a bipedal lizard creature. Magic and select breeding created a semi-intelligent creature ideal for fighting.

They also created the Ptera, also a bipedal lizard creature. While the Asabis were larger, the Ptera were smaller, sleeker, more intelligent and capable of flight, but also harder to control.

The Naga were created through the select breeding of the semi-intelligent aquatic serpent. While the Naga had the advantage of being nimble in water, they also were capable in the use of the magical arts.

None of their first attempts proved to be ideal servants, so the Sarrokh developed magical portals and traveled to other planets of the Material Plane. Humans proved to have the intelligence necessary to make good slaves, however they proved to be too smart and found ways to escape.

The final creature the Sarrukh created was the Yuan-Ti. The Yuan-Ti are a crossbreeding of humans and Sarrukh with a small amount of the semi-intelligent aquatic serpent. They are the perfect blend of intelligence, loyalty and versatility. As a race, they have populated large parts of Faerun.

The Sarrukh

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