The Days of Thunder (-35,000 to -30,000 DR)

The earliest days of recorded history. Three creator races, the Ique-Tel’Quessir, dominated Faerun in turn. The three races were the Sarrukh, the Batrachi and the Aearee. Most of the other races in Faerun were either created through breeding or magic, or imported through magical portals from other Realms.

The fate of the creator races is largely unrecorded. A few Sarrukh lurk in their ancient ruins, but their civil war is still fought today. The Batrachi may be extinct. Some scholars believe they eventually created to a portal to Limbo, where they became known as the Slaadi. The Aearee flew westward to the great continent north of Maztica, and nothing is known of their fate.

The Dawn Age (-30,000 to -24,000 DR)

A large meteor detonates in the atmosphere of Toril and large eggs begin raining from the sky. The first dragons start hatching from the eggs that survive the decent. The dragons import the Kobolds to be slaves.

At the same time, the Giants, brought to Toril by the Batrachi and now free due to the collapse of the Batrachi Empire build their empire, Ostoria. The Giants import the Orcs to be slaves.

The dragons and the giants fight pitched battles over limited resources in a long war.

Elves develop a portal on their planet of Faerie to Toril to escape a long civil war and begin to settle.

The First Flowering (-24,000 to -12,000 DR)

The great elven civilizations of Faerun reach their peak. The elves defeat the orcs, dragons and giants. Other races thrive in the safety of the Elven Empire.

The Crown Wars (-12,000 to -9,000 DR)

Four generations of elves fight a massive civil war. The Dark Disaster utterly destroyed many of the forests of Toril. The dark elves are driven underground and became the Drow.

The Age of the Proud Peoples / The Founding Time (-9,000 to -3,000 DR)

With the dragons and giants long overthrown and the elven wars raging, the Humans develop two empires the Unther and the Coramshan. The dwarves develop the Shanatar and Oghrann empires.

Age of Humanity (-3,000 to 1,000 DR)

With the elven and dwarven empires in decline, humans expand on Toril. New human empires such as the Calimsham, Mulhorand, Unther, Netheril, Jhaamdath, Narfell and Raumauthar.

The Present Age (1,000 to Present)

Humans dominate Toril. Trade is established between the different empires.


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