Sword Coast North

Capital: None
Population: 660,960 Humans (65%), Dwarves (10%) Orcs (8%), Half-Orcs (5%), Elves (4%), Halflings (4%), Gnomes (2%), Half-Elves (1%)
Government: Diverse City-States
Imports: Books, Manufactured Items, Magic Items, Miners, Pottery, Spices
Exports: Gems, Leather Goods, Mercenaries, Neverwinter’s Crafts, Precious Metals, Timber
Alignment: All

A region of coastal mountains, forests, and cities of smoke-wreathed ironworks, the Sword Coast North is dominated by Waterdeep at its southernmost end. (The City of Splendors is detailed separately in the Waterdeep entry, below.) The Lords’ Alliance, a loose league of like-minded rulers led by Waterdeep, allies the good cities and small settlements of the Dessarin valley in this region. The Arcane Brotherhood of Luskan and the insidious Kraken Society oppose their efforts, seeking to rule this region by spell, sword, and trade.

Political Divisions

Icewind Dale

Major Cities


Minor Cities


Sword Coast North

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